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Watania sleeping Train Company is the first Egyptian company that is operating the national rail services on behalf of The National Egyptian Railways. The company started providing it’s services to the international markets starting 1st of January 2010.


Watania operates up to 3 sleeping trains daily between Cairo - Luxor & Aswan and vice versa; and carries close to 400,000 passengers yearly.


All the wagons, their equipment and the rails are owned by the National Egyptian railways. The wagons have been renovated gradually starting June 2010.


You’ll save time & money, early fresh arrival. You’ll arrive to the city you have planned to. in your dreams in a comfortable bed & save money for hotel and meals in one step.

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Prices and Schedule

Cairo To Luxor/Aswan
Nationality Single Cabin Double Cabin Child (4-9y)
Egyptian 600 LE 300 LE 270 LE
Foreign 120.00 $ 100.00 $ 85.00 $
Luxor / Aswan Ticket: 25US$ or 175 Egyptian Pound Doesn't Include beds, only comfortable seats with snacks.
Alexandria To Luxor/Aswan
Nationality Single Cabin Double Cabin Child (4-9y)
Egyptian 840 LE 420 LE 370 LE
Foreign 130.00 $ 110.00 $ 95.00 $
Alexandria / Cairo Ticket: 16US$ or 120 Egyptian Pound Doesn't Include beds, only comfortable seats with snacks.
Cairo To Matrouh
Nationality Single Cabin Double Cabin Child (4-9y)
Egyptian 180 LE 90 LE 70 LE
Foreign 60.00 $ 43.00 $ 31.00 $
Start only from 17th June to 30th of September yearly .
  • Train No. 773 depart only on (Saturday / Monday / Wednesday) .
  • Train No. 774 depart only on (Sunday / Tuesday / Thursday) .
Trains Schedule
Train No. Departure Arrival Travel Days
86 Cairo20:15 Luxor06:40 Aswan10:20 Everyday
87 Aswan19:00 Luxor22:30 cairo08:30 Everyday
1086 Alexandria16:00 Cairo19:20 Luxor05:25 Aswan08:50 Thursday
1087 Aswan18:40 Luxor21:55 Cairo08:25 Alexandria12:20 Friday
773 Cairo23:30 Matrouh06:35 Saturday/Monday/Wednesday
774 Matrouh22:00 Cairo05:40 Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday
84 Giza20:00 Luxor05:20 Aswan08:35 Not running
82 Giza21:35 Luxor07:10 Aswan10:30 Not running
85 Aswan19:00 Luxor22:30 cairo08:30 Not running
83 Aswan19:10 Luxor22:30 cairo08:45 Not running


Food Menu


  • Assortment of plain croissant, toast & French bread.
  • Cheese.
  • Butter.
  • Olives.
  • Jam.
  • Tea or Nescafe.


  • A choice of either Fish with Potato or fillet Steak with Potato.
  • Chicken with vegetables.
  • Rice.
  • Green Salad & Yoghourt. Salad.
  • Bread & Butter.
  • Fresh Fruit.
  • Dessert.
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      • All tickets include 1 breakfast meal & 1 dinner meal.
      • Egyptian ticket includes: 1 dinner meal only.
      • If foreigners use the Egyptian rate they will pay a fine, in addition to the difference between the two rates.
      • Personal reservation details should be very accurate according to the ID, because any difference found could be a reason to cancel the reservation; this also applies to untrue child age.
      • If couples reserve one cabinet, they should present a marriage contract. (Egyptians only)
      • Foreigners pay for tickets by US Dollars, and Egyptians pay for tickets by Egyptian pounds.
      • Any amendments made on the ticket without reporting to the booking office, will make the ticket subject to cancellation.

Ticket exchange procedures:

      • In case of changing the departure date after the ticket has been issued, the customer should pay additional 10% of the ticket price, lest that there are available tickets for the new date.
      • Customer should send an e-mail at with the ticket exchange information.
      • Customer should undertake the ticket exchange process in one of the booking offices for Watania Company in train stations, or in the central booking office in 48 Giza Street.

Ticket refund procedures:

        • In case of tickets refund before the departure date by 48 hours or more, 77% of the ticket price will be refunded.
        • In case of tickets refund before the departure date by 24 hours, 72% of the ticket price will be refunded.
        • In case the train didn't depart for any emergency cases, full amount will be refunded excluding 3% bank fees.
        • The refund takes place only after the date of the cancelled ticket.
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